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Let us help you overcome its unique challenges

​As a general contractor, real estate broker, and Managing Member of Mountain Valley Construction, Daniel “Danny” Stevenson is ahead of the curve in a growing industry.

Mountain Valley Construction serves our commercial & industrial clients by building state-of-the-art facilities.


This includes sophisticated climate control, water conditioning and recycling systems, fertigation (combination fertilizing and irrigation systems), Co2 integration, pest control, security, etc., in addition to the structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers that any commercial contractor needs, Mountain Valley Construction involves multiple specialty and subject-matter experts.


See What Others Have to Say About
Mountain Valley Construction

Garib Karapetyan 
Partner/Founder | Capital Compliance Management

"Danny Stevenson went far and beyond what we had ever expected, A professional who dedicated his time, energy, knowledge and experience to submerge himself in an industry that is so unpredictable & unique in every aspect. Danny, your professional dedication to our projects and our investments is extremely admired and appreciated. Thank you."

Jim Dillingham, P.E.
D&Z Structural Engineering

"We've been working with Danny for the past few years on converting old warehouse buildings  into manufacturing facilities. We've faced many challenges together while satisfying clients expectations and complying with all the necessary state and city guidelines for obtaining permits and licenses. Danny has approached the process by involving himself deeply with the design team as well as with the approving government agencies, his efforts to navigate the business rules have been critical for keeping the projects on track. Danny has been a pleasure to work with in the opportunity to create innovative facilities for the industry with his company Mountain Valley Construction."

John Sinadinos  
Law Offices of John G Sinadinos

“Danny is everything a client is looking for in a contractor - proactive, knowledgeable, hardworking, cost conscious and honest. I have worked closely with Danny on a number of projects and would recommend him unhesitatingly.”

Kendra Minkler
Regional Sale Manager

"Danny's professionalism, expertise and knowledge of regulations makes Mountain Valley Construction one of the best in the industry. His understanding of specialized cultivation equipment allows designs to be accurate from the start, avoiding costly re-designs. I would recommend MVC to any of my customers."

Stuart K Lindsey
 CSI, CDT, LEED, AP | M. Neils Engineering

"Daniel Stevenson is very adept in assessing the needs of each project in an ever changing environment of new regulations, new building requirements and new developing technologies.  He keeps the goals of the client foremost in mind when making decisions pertaining to the design and construction of their facilities."

John Thompson, M.E.
Turley & Associates Mechanical Engineering Group, Inc.


"I have worked with Danny Stevenson since January 2017 on various grow facilities.  Danny has taken a unique role on our projects as not only the general contractor, but he has been the one individual who has taken it upon himself to be fully immersed in the design and technology advances occurring in the industry.  California has been behind in indoor grow technology regarding best practices.  Danny has been the owners’ representative and project manager leading the way in ensuring our projects have cost effective lighting and HVAC systems.  Our team has been able to be one of the local leaders in helping establish designs implementing CO2 safety measures.  Danny has introduced us to numerous grow experts through our designs in his efforts to provide the best quality designs.  Thank you Daniel."




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